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June 17, 2019

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Known abroad as Tantra yoga; It is also known as Mantra-Yana, vidya-dhara -Yana, Esoteric tha -Yana, phala-yana, vajra-yana. It is a combination of a part of mahayana Buddhism in India and brahmanism from the 7th to the 12th century.

Buddhism spread to Tibet, China. In the 8th century, after the famous Indian tantric master padmasambhava went to Tibet, help the Tibetan buddhist king akamatsu's (reigned 755-797) "v the magic", overcome local primitive religion in Tibet, and at the same time, padmasambhava would have contained amend the highest stage of tantric four supreme yoga indra bottoms of India is introduced into Tibetan vajrayana tantrism. At the beginning of the 13th century, after the extinction of Buddhism in India, only Tibetan Buddhism retained the complete form of the four branches of tantric Buddhism. Formed a system of concealment.

The physiological basis of the tantric supreme yoga "happy sky double luck" and double practice is the theory of three veins and seven chakras and "jundala snake". The so-called "happy air and double luck" is the secret doctrine and special practice of tantric supreme yoga. Its theory is rooted in tantric daji and jingding sutra. Kong ding jing and da nikkei are about the secret self-proving realm of Buddha.

The characteristics of Tibetan secret yoga are complex mandala pattern (Yantra), detailed religious rituals, secret contents, guru blessing, practice method of using sexual energy to draw out life energy, practice method of changing material, great perfection of red teachings, handprint of white teachings, etc.

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